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Sankyo Awarded “The Most Potential Supplier”
Time: 2012-12-10

         On 30th Oct. 2012, President Wong attended to 2012 Suppliers Association held by Xinbao Electrical Applicances Holdings Co., Ltd. The association is aimed to increase cooperation and exchange among enterprises. Sankyo is awarded “The Most Potential Supplier” and President Wong is the only supplier to make a speech.

President Wang (middle) recieveing the award

President Wang making a speech  

        Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd (hereafter “Xinbao Electrical”) is the share holding corporate of Guangdong Donlim Kitchen Group Co., Ltd. Xinbao Electrical was established in 1995, and the company has the core independent brand of “Donlim”, and professionally manufactures, develops, sells electric kettle, coffee maker, bakery machine, oven, toaster, electric iron and many other food processing small household electric appliance and related assorted industries. 
        Sankyo has begun to cooperate with Xinvbao in 2010, when succeded in developing electromagnetic pumps, which is used to be the monopoly technology of Germany. Turn over of Sankyo got a rise from less than a million RMB in 2010 to more than ten million RMB in 2012 after the cooperation. Because of the growth in turnover, Sankyo received recognition of Xinbao and is awarded “the most potential supplier” On the association, Mr. Guo Jiangang, the President of Xibao, and President Wang had a cordial meeting,which would help to boost cooperation between two parties in the future.


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