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A Megatrend in China Manufacturing: Automation
Time: 2012-06-07
       From automobile plant to microchip, China’s industrial sector is getting more and more mechanized. Digital control system has been adopted in 28% of Chinese industrial sectors, which is one of indicators that measures automation. Although comparing to Japan, 83% of whose industrial sectors has been adopted digital control system, this proportion still falls far short. But if compared by developmental stages, China automation is much faster than Japan.
       Cheap labor force has always been a active force in China manufacturing. However, current labor force is no longer bulky or cheap. Last year, labor cost increased 18% in Chinese private enterprises, and still, at the same time, those private enterprises had been suffering labor shortage, which keeps exasperating.
       When facing the rises in raw material and labor cost, for most company, the only way to survive is to increase productivity and the best route to achieve that is to acquire much machinery equipment. A machine-processed engine cylinder block is not only of better quality, but of higher price than a man-made engine cylinder block. 
        For enterprises, the stability of product quality is the major reason to turn to automation, especially to high-tech companies. If companies want to stand out in this highly competitive world, they are obliged to reach some criteria, to gain their clients’ recognitions, and yet the best tool is to improve product quality.

                【 Excerpted from Southern Metropolitan News 】

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