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The Ceremony of Cooperation between Desay Battery and Sankyo Precision to Research the Full Automatic Battery Assembly Production Line Was Formally Launched
Time: 2012-03-30

On March 30, Mr. Zeng Jianyun, the General Manger of Shenzhen Desay Battery Technology Co., Ltd. (“Desay Battery”) and Mr. Chen Yuefan, the director of Desay Battery and Mr. Wang Wei, the Chairman & General Manager of Sankyo Precision, jointly presided over the launching ceremony of the cooperation research project – fully automatic battery assembly production line.  
        Currently, Desay Battery is a listed company with over 5,000 employees, assets of RMB1.4billion and sales volume more than RMB2.2billion. The self-development brands of Desay Battery Group have a leading position in the China battery market in the 21st century.

As for this cooperation R&D project, upon commencement of the launching ceremony, Mr. Wang Wei, on behalf of the Company, expressed special thanks for the great support of Desay Battery, and delivered sincere thanks to all employees on the front line. With great support of clients and the united work of all employees, after three months, the first battery assembly production line of the Company was officially launched.

Mr. Zeng Jianyun, the GM of Desay Battery, thought that this cooperation project had good prospects. Mr. Zeng Jianyun addressed “this is a good start for our cooperation, and I expect that the fully automatic battery assembly production line can satisfy the customers’ inspection. We will spare no efforts to do our products well. In this way, we’ll have a broader road. And we wish you to pioneer a way in the automation field.”

While celebrating this cooperation with champagne to share the enjoyment of success, it also made the employees realize the vast market we are facing. The Industrial Automation Career Department under the leadership of Mr. Wang Wei, acting as the director of the Career Department, after one-year planning, formally started sales this day. The orders that the clients formally placed or intended to place have been arranged until the end of 2013. This is not only a good start in the industrial automation field, but also a start for our Company to make contributions to the transformation and upgrading from labor intensive manufacturing industry to high-end equipment manufacturing industry. 

The champagne celebration site (Mr. Zeng Jianyu, GM of Desay Battery and Mr. Wang Wei, Chairman and GM of Sankyo Precision)

Group photo of fully-automatic battery assembly production line launching ceremony
(Mr. Chen Yuefan, Director of Desay Battery, Mr. Zeng Jianyun, GM of Desay Battery, Mr. Wang Wei, Chairman of Sankyo Precision, and Mr. Jiang Jian, Deputy GM of Automation Career Department of Sankyo Precision, from the left to the right)

        Group photo of all R&D personnel of fully-automatic battery assembly production line


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