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Cooling Fan Motor Shell
Time: 2010-03-24



           Before improvement                                   After improvemen

1. It has to be riveted twice before the shaping, which is a waste of manpower, material,money and time. 2. The copper bush used in riveting process is expensive, each costing 0.5 yuan to 0.6 yuan, which greatly increases the cost of the motor shell. The two-piece riveting method adopted in our company is to directly connect the central shaft to its own inner turnup of the outer shell of the motor shell, and no additional copper bush is needed to rivet in the center of the outer shell, which saves a lot of manpower, material, money and time.

      Seven years' painstaking research has witnessed our company's big breakthroughs in the manufacturing technology of motor shell, which is shown in the following: For motor shell with diameter within 20mn, after the riveting, the eccentric quantity is within 10 mg, the runout is within 0.02 and the concentricity is no more than 0.01. For those with diameter ranging from 20~30mm, the eccentric quantity is within 20 mg, the runout 0.03 and the concentricity 0.02. And for motor shells with diameter ranging from 30~40mm, after the riveting, the eccentric quantity is within 30 mg, the runout 0.04 and the concentricity 0.03. It is highly thought of by customers likes Delta Electronics for its good quality.

With the development of science and technology, we have entered a Network Era. For modern people, computer has been a necessity in their life and work. And the speed of CPU is one of the factors users often take into consideration. However, the improvement of execution speed of units, such as CPU, printers or chips, will easily result in the excessive temperature, which will burn the units, such as CPU or chips. To effectively reduce the operating temperature of CPU and ensure its effective heat emission, the cooling fan is usually pre-installed in it.


Motor shell is an essential part of the turning motor. To ensure the high wind flow rate and the cooling effect of computer fans, very high revolving speed of fan motor is necessary.  For the design of high speed motors,  to avoid the vibration noise caused by the less precise of motor shell, there are often strict requirements on the concentricity, the runout and the eccentric quantity of motor shell.


Nowadays, to guarantee the concentricity of central shaft in motor shell used in computer cooling fans, it is necessary to rivet copper bush in the central shaft. During the processing and the manufacturing, the central shaft shall be riveted to the copper bush first, then riveted with motor shell. The disadvantage of this method lies in the following

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