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Celebrating the coming of the new year of 2011 Spring Festival Party Held By Sankyo Precision (Hui Zhou)Co.,ltd
Time: 2011-01-23

  In the last year, 2010, though the wold economy didn't gain quick recovery, yet Sankyo Precision (hui zhou) Co.,Ltd, affected by the situation where China succeeded in transforming " danger " into " opportunity" , made some big breakthroughs under the guidance of the government policy of " positive and steady, cautious and flexible ". The theme of the party is  " Dare to struggle and create splendid future once again . ". Though there was no luxuriant stage and flowery light, all the staff members of our company acted as full brothers. They jointly summarized the past and looked forward to the future .

                      Opening dance in the Spring Festival Party  

       At the beginning of the party, Mr Wang Wei, Chairman and General Manager of Sankyo Precision Co.,Ltd, gave a new year speech, in which he made summaries on the great achievements the company had made. Meanwhile, he said, faced with the constantly changing economic environment in 2010 both at home and abroad, the company had gone through mutiple extrusion, such as the rising price of labor power, the rising price of raw materials, the appreciation of the RMB, the intensifying competition of technology and quality, the inflation and change of policy factors. Under this circumstances, with the joint efforts our all the staff members, our company dared to struggle, sought for new fields for development, went ahead steadily and surely and followed the principle and purpose of creativity and stability, in the end it got steady growth in the sales results. At the end of his speech, Mr Wang , Chairman and General Manager of the company, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the staff. 

                                               program of changing faces

  Before the end of the program, the company granted awards to excellent employees of the last year, which contributed to setting up good enterprise image and publicizing enterprise culture.

 Mr Wang , Chairman and General Manager of the company, gave awards to employees

  Listening to the song of " Unforgettable Tonight " , we reviewed the achievements made in the year 2010, when we aimed at making independent brand and mastering good technology, paid much importance to quality and treasure every customer. In the following year, we will continuously adhere to the theory of " Technology oriented, restrain and move stealthily, and accumulate strength" , try our best to improve the working efficiency, get benefits from delicacy management and make our enterprise more powerful. Meanwhile, we will put stress on the talents strategy, pay equal importance to the fostering and assessment, and promotion of the mainstays and excellent employees, so that the old and new employees can be provided with a wider stage for their development.
 Let us dare to struggle and create our splendid future once again. 

                                              photos of all the staff members

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